Applications for in-movement business

Mobile phones now make our lives easier when we are looking for shops or restaurants, help us communicate with our families and friends and when we seek answers to our questions. But ask yourself: do you use the full potential of your cell phone to conduct businesses and to network? Find out how to best contact the people you meet through your work. .

There are now several applications that increase our productivity at work and encourage business development. Some are available to personal use and others are linked to certain systems that require your company to migrate or connect to these systems . I will present you with two of my personal favorites for personal use and that require no special support to work.

CardMunch (iPhone, free)

Are you given business cards from a variety of interesting contacts and would like to keep track of all of those with whom you have exchanged a few words or had a conversation the whole evening? Of course, there are the business card scanners you can findin an office supply store for a few hundred dollars. But they require more expenditure, and the software doesn’t decipher who is who from all your contacts or synchronize it with your cell phone and phonebooks. Or.. You can simply use CardMunch! Previously an independent company, CardMunch had developed its application to take a picture of business cards , send them to the CardMunch offices where people would read , and transcribe the information, sending it to your phone. Then, the application cost a few dollars and each scan cost about 25 cents. Bombshell, in January 2011, the famous professional network platform LinkedIn buys CardMunch and turns the service completely free. From, the application has evolved and offers the function to integrate all your contacts on LinkedIn. From, The LinkedIn privacy policy now applies to the use of the application, which means that LinkedIn is committed not to sell, transfer or use the data sent and received. The application turns out to be a pleasant surprise for the Dixpatch team, which has beneficially used it for several months now. It is currently available for iPhone, iPod and iPad2 only, but the LinkedIn team plans on developing an Android version, at a yet to be announced date. While that doesn’t happen, the Google Goggles application allows a number of similar features and is available for a wide range of devices, including Android phones. CardMunch Google Goggles


Accounting for expenses is always a big challenge, especially for those who move around often in their work. Lost receipts , and bills accumulate repeated incidents that often result in the impossibility of reimbursement of the amount owed to us. Shoebox is the ideal solution for such people 3 and it offers three free and paid options. The 2 first 2 options work through your smartphone. Whenever you have a bill to add to your expense account, shoot it. It will be automatically added to your account Shoeboxed. It’s free if you transcribe your own invoice information into the appropriate fields : name, price, taxes, etc. before generating your expense report or payments, if you wish, Shoeboxed can automatically complete the information with its very efficient recognition system. The third option is to mail all invoices to Shoeboxed, who will charge you for their transcription and mail return posting. Whatever option you choose, you will have online access to the expense reports in your Shoeboxed account.